Real Plantain Island

Real Plantain Island form a large area of 4 hectares on the beautiful lake of Peyrolles-en-Provence, along 2 km.

The great rural building of the nineteenth century, and its annexes, dominates more than one km of shoreline, with its private beach facilities.
Spacious rooms, overlooking the lake, have a separate entrance

Real Plantain domain         . the beach - Real Plantain          the port - Real Plantain

The calm and clean water, shimmering turquoise, make a place for rest and swimming.
The aquatic environment will delight the followers of stay-fishing with its rich fish (trout, pike, carp ,....).

Depending on the season, we can observe many migratory birds including herons, egrets and trap (known as "hunters of Africa" in multicolored plumage and vocal characteristics.

under the platane-trees           sunrise on Real Plantain         . Our gueese on the lake

With an original accommodation in a place somewhat unusual in Provence, you will enjoy a quiet isolation in the most attractive in Europe ... ...


an island in Provence

B&B with private beach